( or 21 nyc ) art + design + woodwork + whiskey + coffee + bedscapes + dirt

i am my own definition of a man.

Ask faq


i get asked these a couple times a week, but for all the new followers (hello!) i figured i’d make a blog post to clear them all up!

name: orlando, but you can call me or
age: 20
where i live: nyc
what part: manhattan! 
what i study: fine/visual arts
where i work: american apparel
where i’m from: virginia
where my parents are from: my mom’s from the philippines, my dad’s from a bunch of white people places.
number of tattoos: 13
did they hurt? yes.

youtube: youtube.com/ogotham
twitter: twitter.com/theogotham

how i do my hair: (haha) i use got2b glue, put a fuck load in damp hair, and use a comb to style

favorite places to shop: j.crew, american apparel, aldo, save khaki
style inspirations: philip crangi, steve mcqueen, roger radcliffe

that’s all i can think of for now! x